Friday, February 18, 2011

Healthy/Low Key V-Day

When I first started dating Mike I told him I thought Valentine's Day was kinda lame and we didn't need to celebrate. Which was true...but as the years went on, I started to want to celebrate. While I do think it's unnecessary to buy each other gifts (though if that's your thing, awesome) I do think it's great to celebrate your relationship. We didn't really celebrate our relationship on the 14th, but we did make a really tasty dinner.
If you don't have the hook up at a local farm, I suggest you get the hook up. We ordered filet mignon from ours and it was da bomb. Like. Really. I didn't eat steak for like 6 years. I would never order a steak at a restaurant that wasn't organic/grass-fed. But I have no qualms ordering it from my farmer. I like how I say "my farmer" like I own him.
Anyway! For school I've done a lot of reading on food combining. I won't get into the specifics right now, but basically the idea is that food digest differently in your stomach, and they bring about different digestive enzymes. If I'm losing you, keep reading, it's not that hard. So when you combine certain foods (like starches and protein, fruit and bread, potatoes and steak, etc) that don't go together, they don't digest properly. So instead of the tradition steak and potato dinner, we had filet mignon, asparagus and cauliflower gratin. Served with salad. For the cauliflower gratin I just combined raw cheese, raw butter, garlic, sauteed onions and chicken broth. Pour over cauliflower and cover with foil, put in 450 degree over for 30 mins.
Wam, bam, boom:
Please try to eat a salad as much as possible. You need the digestive enzymes, people!
So V-day was just a nice dinner at home. I really enjoyed it. Though I can't stress enough, if you are going to eat meat, please make sure it's organic and grass-fed. Animals aren't meant to be grown in corporate owned factories. They're meant to be happy and have the ability to chill out and eat some grass! Majority of meat in the grocery store is corn and soy fed, which makes it toxic to your body. If you're buying meat in grocery stores, your supporting that system. Buy some meat from a local farmer. If you aren't familiar with one, GOOGLE!

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