Thursday, February 24, 2011

This past Sunday was a lazy day. Sundays around my house are usually spent hanging around the house, watching movies and eating junk food. With warmer weather coming up, I've decided I want to change this and spend more time outside (or volunteering at an old folk's home, because I love old people). But anyway, this past Sunday was a Caps game, I'd had some junk food earlier in the form of Noodles and Co. and I wanted to grill! I love to grill. We had some chicken legs and I'd impulse-purchased some leeks. Grilled leeks with chicken legs and peppers stuffed with cheese on the side sounded awesome. I marinated the chicken and peppers with parsley, garlic and olive oil and I was ready to go. The grill was fired up and I put all the food on there. Except...when I checked on the food, the grill was off. Convinced I'd just turned it on wrong, I bugged Mike to go out and check on it. It was out of gas. I was so bummed. So I threw everything (excluding the leeks) on a cooking sheet and popped em in the oven. I them diced the leeks and sauteed them in butter to cover the chicken with. No grill flavor, but not too shabby.
Served with a side salad.
I bought a container of mini peppers because they were the only peppers I could find that were organic. Stuffed with raw cheese they were so so good. This took hardly any time to prepare. No excuse for not cooking for yourself.

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