Friday, February 18, 2011

Best Lunch Ever: Teaism!

Oh holy god the weather is AMAZING today! It is 75 degrees in DC! And it's February! Considering this time last year we were recuperating from snowmaggedon, that's pretty sweet. Apparently it's supposed to snow on Tuesday, but I'm not sure I actually believe that. We've gotten nothing for snow this winter which blows me. So if it's not gonna snow, I'd like spring to be here already. I didn't pack my lunch today for the first time in a reaallly long time, and I'm so thankful I didn't. I decided to go to Teaism! It's not the closest joint to work, but I was happy to be able to take a nice long walk in the gorgeous sunshine.
Some pics of my journey:

I think this is part of the court house.
I'm pretty sure this structure behind the bus is an art museum? I can't remember. I vaguely remember my best friend, Kelsey and I metroing down here when we were a lot younger to go to this museum, or maybe the museum is right next door to this structure?
Some boring buildings.

When I first started working at DOL last summer I was so stoked to be in walking distance of Teaism. Clearly, they sell tea. But they also have awesome food. Vegan food, grass-fed bison, tea cured salmon, raw tuna, tofu (blech) etc. The menu has a lot of Asian influence. My favorite meal that I always get is the hand roll bento box. They have an assortment of bentos but this one is the winner. It comes with tea cured salmon, nori (seaweed), soy sauce, miso mayo, rice (I get brown) and red cabbage that's sort of sauerkraut-y but tastes even better. The idea is that you make your own rolls, so you wrap up the tea cured salmon and cabbage with miso mayo in the nori. I don't know why but it's just so amazing. With this I got their Moroccan mint tea, which is unsweetened and also amazing.

Salmon for omega threeez.

The Moroccan mint is so refreshing. Especially on a gorgeous day.
The view from my seat outside. I also had an unpictured salty oat cookie. I'm not that into oats, but I figured hell, it's Friday, it's gorgeous, and it will be delicious with my tea. It was. I munched it on the way back from work and am about to dominate the other half.

And just for kicks, and because he is the cutest little thing in da world:


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