Monday, February 28, 2011

Denver Breakfast Scramble

My breakfasts are not extremely versatile. Basically, in some form or another, it's just eggs. Eggs are great for me because they give me the protein I need to wake my ass up and make it to lunch without starving. They're also full of healthy fats (don't avoid the yolk! that baby is full of vitamins). I see that a lot of other bloggers are all about oats in the morning. That's great, I think oats taste awesome. But for me, they don't fill me up and satisfy my hunger, plus they leave me hungry pretty soon after. Not only this, but they're extremely hard for my body to digest, and are a very carby food. I just prefer eggs in the morning. Usually I just have some scrambled eggs with raw cheese and butter.
My morning routine:
  • Wake up around 6:30
  • Get ready for work
  • Get in the kitchen by 6:50
  • Drink detox tea with coconut oil
  • Drink a glass of Amazing Grass Green Superfood with a teaspoon of maca powder (to balance my hormones, and to be honest, it gives you a serious libido boost)
  • Take a probiotic suplement and candida clear (have candida aka yeast issues in my gut, you might too)
  • Cook breakfast/prepare lunch, if not already done
  • Leave around 7:30, hop on metro, get to work around 8:15. This is when I eat my breakfast. Due to the tea and amazing grass, I'm just not that hungry, so I wait to get to work to eat my eggies.
Anyway, so yesterday morning Mike made a big breakfast scramble with random ingredients we had. On hand we had bison hot dogs from the farmers market, an onion, tomato, green pepper and ground beef. He sauteed all of this with eggs and raw cheese to create:

Tons of protein and veggies.
I added hot sauce. A very filling and healthy breakfast.

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