Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mexican Salmon

I LOVE Mexican food! The flavors are so bold and it's so fresh. The other night, I was seriously cravin' some Mexican food. We were sort of low on groceries but had salmon. Thus, Mexican salmon was born. This was definitely one of my best recipes, especially for salmon, which can get kind of bland if you eat it often (which you should, because it's great for you).
  • onion
  • raw butter
  • garlic
  • tomato (fresh and/or canned)
  • cilantro
  • peppers
I sauteed the onions, fresh tomato and garlic in butter until translucent. I had canned whole tomatoes, so I pulsed them in the vitamix with cilantro. Add this and the peppers and let the sauce thicken a bit. I then added the salmon straight into the mixture and cooked until done. Even Mike agreed it was one of my better recipes, and that man is picky!
I really cannot emphasize how good this was. Not to toot my own horn. I added some guac on the side.
 Served with my delicious, beloved lima beans:
 One of my all-time favorite dinners. Full of healthy fat and veggies.

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