Thursday, March 1, 2012

lady time

Last night I went to Busboys and Poets with Jennifer. I LOVE getting my girl time in. I started out with a glass of organic cabernet sauvignon (I ended up getting 3, which is why I'm fasting until lunch). I couldn't really decide on dinner so I  got a small salad:

And some mussels:

I love B&P's mussels so bad. They come in a garlic tomato broth, which is more like a soup. A really, really delicious soup. Mussels are amazing for you and I recently discovered they have more Omega 3's than any other shellfish. They are also high in B12, iron, phosphorous, selenium and zinc. You can read more about how awesome mussels are here. Plus a healthy dose of lycopene from the tomatoes.

We ended up chatting for quite a while and I had two more glasses of wine. At that point I was pretty tipsy (what's up, lightweight!) so I decided to stop across the street at Elevation burger. Not the best decision, but at least they have grass-fed meat. I got a burger and fries (fried in olive oil). I ate about 1/4 of the burger and half of the fries. I forgot to tell them to wrap it in lettuce, so I had to take the bread off myself. And now I have leftovers for lunch today (I'll probably also buy some salad upstairs at work, they have organic greens here!).

Tonight Scott and I are making sprouted/organic corn tortilla enchiladas! I'm having filet mignon with mine. More about this tomorrow.

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