Wednesday, February 29, 2012

food journal

A random food journal from a couple of months ago.
Tuesday 12/27
Breakfast- two hard boiled eggs with organic mustard, detox tea and green tea with ginger
Snack- hard boiled egg with mustard
Lunch- leftover steak salad (grass-fed steak, lettuce, maters, blue cheese, onions, balsamic)
Dinner- Meatza and an egg and tomato atop almond flour biscuit, covered in hollandaise

Wednesday 12/28
Breakfast- two poaches eggs with smoked salmon served atop almond flour biscuit

Lunch- meatza and carrots in hollandaise

Dinner- several pieces of sole with onions, peppers, tomatoes and garlic sauteed in coconut oil and GF soy sauce and an avocado

Plus one Bob's Red Mill GF cookie that I made with coconut oil. (I do not like eating these and rarely do, but Scott likes them and he's going to eat cookies either way so I figure at least if I make them it's the lesser of two evils.)

Thursday 12/29
Breakfast: detox and green tea with ginger, two hard boiled eggs
Lunch: one piece of meatza
Snack: hard boiled egg
Dinner: half of a gluten-free pizza with mushrooms and onions at Comet, one green salad split with Scott, one chicken wing (grilled, not breaded) and two glasses of red and one Bard (gluten-free beer).

Friday 12/30
Breakfast: two eggs with onions, all sauteed in coconut oil. Plus two different kinds of organic throat coat tea (stolen from Scott, I left my teas at home).
Lunch: the other half of the gluten-free pizza

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