Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the weeknd

This weekend, I got back into juicing. Mostly because Scott has a cold, and juicing helps your body with literally everything.

He wasn't the biggest fan, but he drank it. For a bright and early brunch at 9AM, we went to Founding Farmers. I love FF, so I was slightly disappointed by their brunch. I asked for eggs benny sans bread, which I got. See below:

But the eggs were barely cooked at all. I mean, once I cut into the egg its contents just fell all over the place in all its watery and slimy glory. So I did something I never do, I sent it back.

And got steak and eggs, with my eggs over medium. But they were still way too runny. The waiter was great and kept checking if my eggs were okay. Even though they weren't, I didn't want to send them back again. Can't win 'em all. The bacon and carrot juice I had on the side was awesome though.

And Scott said it was his favorite vegan scramble in DC. So that's a plus.

Later in the day we went to Elevation Burger. I got a burger wrapped in lettuce, Scott had fries topped with organic cheddar.

On Sunday we had a Scout Mob for half off Comet Ping Pong, so I got some gluten free pizza.

It did not make my stomach feel great. Scott got reg pizza. He's normal. Mostly.


Sunday night dinner was tomato, basil and burrata (so good!). Plus unpictured veggies smothered in organic spaghetti sauce and meat (for me) and tempeh (for Scott).

Anddd that was the weekend. I forgot to take a lot of pictures of stuff, but whatever. Thumbs up if you get the title of this post. It's ain't a typo! 

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