Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I made a lot of food this weekend. Exhibit A:

But I'll start with brunch on Saturday. I went to Eatonville with these dudes:

It was so gorgeous out! Scott suggested I get the salad with fried oysters, which was genius. When I was asking about what they were fried in, Scott even ask if I could have them not fried. I love that dude! So they grilled them for me.

I didn't take a picture of the salad because I didn't like it. It was actually a pretty salad, but so sweet! I hate sweet dressings. Oysters were awesome though, and full of zinc!

Later in the day we took the cats on a walk. You read that right.

Saturday night we went to Parthenon, obviously a Greek restaurant. They had a giant patio for outdoor seating so I was very stoked on that. The pictures below are really dark, I'm aware, but the food was so insanely good that I'm going to share them anyway. We split the stuffed mushrooms (they used real butter).

They were literally the best stuffed mushrooms I've ever had. Stuffed with spinach and feta and topped in some sort of sauce (it ain't cheddar cheese, even though it kind of looks like that). I had the lamb and veggies:

Scott got a Greek salad.

On Sunday night I made a crap top of food. I made some sort of protein bar, that turned into primal grain-free granola because it was too dry. It's for Scott when he gets back from the gym or needs a snack, it's super high protein and low in carbs. I used a half cup of protein powder, two eggs, 1 cup sugar-free cranberries, 1 cup shredded/unsweetened coconut, some cinnamon, 1 cup almonds and 1 cup Brazil nuts. Baked at 325 for 20 minutes.

I fried chicken in coconut oil, then pulled all the skin off and put the bones in filtered water with carrots, garlic and celery seed to make a quick stock.

And I soaked a ton of French lentils, garbanzo beans and black beans for Scott.

I put them all in the freezer, and it amounted to this:

For dinner we bought a grain-free pizza. We've had gluten-free pizza all over the city, and not only is it full of nutrient depleted, high carb, high phytic acid flour, it just ain't that good. We sometimes buy this grain-free pizza from Yes, which is made with tapioca. The ingredients aren't the most nutrient dense, but it's a whole hell of a lot better than other pizza options. I made a salad with organic lettuce leaves, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and dressed it with a Seeds of Change red pepper dressing. I highly recommend it, it's delicious and soy/canola oil free! And organic! I had one piece of pizza and topped my salad with the coconut oil chicken.

I topped Scott's salad with the soaked beans.

Overall, lots of cooking and a successful weekend.

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