Thursday, March 22, 2012

oyster fail

Dinner last night was not great. In fact, it was kind of gross. I had some boiled oysters and decided I'd try to do an oysters Rockefeller type deal. I started out by sauteing spinach in butter.

Topped with the oysters.

Topped with raw cheese and into the oven on 400.

With an avocado.

Unfortunately, they were completely mushy and tasted metallic. Since I stay at Scott's most nights and keep food there, my groceries were limited. I searched the kitchen after I ate this to find more food to make, but didn't come up with anything. And after waiting about ten minutes, I realized I wasn't really hungry anyway. Which is something I definitely suggest to people who crave after-dinner eats. Just wait a minute! Chances are you will not be hungry and the craving will have passed.

I keep thinking about what to do for dinner tonight. I'm thinking either I'll make Indian food, or Scott and I can hit up Chipotle. I love Chipotle so much.

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