Thursday, March 8, 2012


Chipotle wrap! When I made the raw wrap, or wrawp, I didn't really follow the directions entirely. This is why I'm bad at baking. I like to do my own thing! I ain't tryin' to follow no direction. I was glad raw food and the dehydrator were forgiving about this. So instead of making it a BBQ spiced wrap, the seasonings I used were chipotle and garlic powder. Much more suited to my tastes. Filled with organic turkey, safflower mayo, tomatoes, gouda and onions. And it was so good. I was happy to get an extra serving of veggies from the wrap. I wasn't sure a raw veggie wrap would satisfy my craving for a real, wheaty wrap in all it's refined and insulin spiking glory. But it did a really good job. And I impulse bought avocado oil tater chips.

Close up. Speaking of taters, I was talking to my bff Eden (what up E!) about particular diets being suited to particular blood types and we ended up talking about certain cultures being able to better digest certain foods. For example, I said that Asians probably better digest rice, Scottish digest oatmeal better, and Russian digest potatoes better. The latter is true of me (Joanna is Russian, no idea what dad is). I don't often eat them and I am partial to cauliflower mash, but when I do eat them they don't seem to give me any issues. No bloating, I'm still regular, no lethargy or anything like that.

I also had this for lunch. Bomb!

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