Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kony 2012

To anyone who reads my blog, I'm begging you to watch this video. It's about a rebel leader in Uganda named Joseph Kony and his crimes against humanity. To quote: "...turning girls into sex slaves and boys into child soldiers. He makes them mutilate people's faces and forces them to kill their own parents."

Food stuff:
I successfully made raw veggie bread in the dehydrator! Finally! I'd previously not been so successful, but those damn dehydrator sheets really make a difference. I used a recipe for BBQ wraps from Sweetly Raw. I really adore that blog. I know I sound like a total creeper, but Heather is so great. Her blog is honest and creative, she has great recipes and I love the vibe. Super chill with and she has such a vibrant life! She recently started eating meat after being a raw vegan. So her blog is really great for me, lots of raw recipes and ideas (need to eat more raw veggies) with meat mixed in. I love her travelling posts too. But enough about my blog-crush. Raw wraps! So great.

I also made almond flour bread. I used the GAPS recipe found in the GAPS book. I'm currently reading it and it's just amazing so far. Did you know that celiacs have a higher rate of schizophrenia? The gut-brain connection is so important! If ya don't know, now ya know. I'm unsure why the below picture looks so miniature, it isn't.

And for dinner I had salmon in butter, peas in butter and almond flour bread topped with butter. I ate all the peas and salmon, they were pretty bomb. Couldn't finish the bread.

And yesterday I had Chipotle for lunch. Which is always wonderful, and the absolute best fast food. So I figured I'd show you a picture of it.

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