Tuesday, March 27, 2012

crock pot

I ate a potato last night. I boiled it, and then added it to all this butter.

With grass-fed filet mignon cooked in coconut oil and an avocado.

My crock pot came it! It was $28 on Amazon and is 6 quarts. Pretty cheap with good reviews. I put in two big bones, onions, carrot, garlic and filtered water.

Simmered on low overnight. It is so fatty and gelatinous and nourishing and healing.

Unfortunately, a lot of it spilled in my backpack on the way to work. I still have more at home though. I invested in the crock pot because I knew it'd allow me to more easily and efficiently make bone broths. And heal my stomach lining!

Scott goes to Sweden tomorrow to do stuff with Refused. Ya'll should listen to them. Anyway, so tonight we're going to Dino! We were going to to Taco Tuesday, but I dehydrated the wraps for too long. I am so excited to go here. They serve liver, pigs head, pate, etc and it's from grass-fed, organic and local farms! I love them already.

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