Monday, March 26, 2012


My weekend started out at home with some of this

and Scott and I ordered sushi. We kept it pretty low key because Scott hurt his neck at the gym.

The sushi was super good. Lots of tuna in the tuna rolls, good, oily salmon and a lot of avocado in the salmon rolls. Plus a masago roll, fish eggs are super nourishing and are a brain food. In traditional cultures, fish eggs are reserved for pregnant women and little kids.

On Saturday morning we headed to Eatonville. I got the shrimp bisque and the gumbo.

The shrimp bisque was very good, and while I want to love the gumbo, I just don't.

We also hit up Yes for groceries for the week. I got a Hail Merry raw vegan treat. It was like a dark chocolate almond butter cup, and it was pretty bomb.

I juiced.

On Saturday a bunch of us  went to see our friends play hockey. My girls

And we went to the bar after, where I consumed a lot of cabernet.

Sunday breakfast was bacon, eggs, avocado, cherry tomatoes and yogurt. I was hungover and hungry.

For lunch we went to Tackle Box, where I got clam soup

and grilled cod with broccoli.

And an oyster shooter, but I didn't drink the booze.

So it was a good weekend. The eats weren't too bad, excluding the booze on Saturday. Hope everyone has a great week!

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