Wednesday, July 6, 2011

rant, dinner, sign a petition!

It amazes me that people can take the way we've eaten for millions of years, a way that produced us, sustained us, allowed us to thrive, and say that it is flawed. We have grown to eat this way. The way I am talking about, is MEAT. And fat. Someone on Facebook recently linked up Alicia Silverstone's blog, a particular post on protein. To summarize, Alicia (who is still my homegirl, love Clueless) surmises that protein is not all that essential and we don't need that much (umm, not true). And that instead of eating a complete protein like grass-fed meat (which contains high level of vitamins A, D, E and K) we can and should get all of our essential amino acids by combining a vegetarian protein source and a grain, like beans and rice. When I was veg*n I told people this also, and I believed it. My issue with this, other than the fact that it is not at all sustainable way to eat, is that we have not evolved to eat this way. The introduction of grains and other carbohydrates in our diet only came about with agriculture, 10,000 years ago. The worst part of the post, was the dumbass comments. Seriously just full-on stupid. One person claimed they had been taught there are actually only 9 essential amino acids, so we didn't really need to eat protein, much less protein from meat. What?! Another, that since giraffes, elephants and cows only ate plants that we could too. They are naturally herbivores, idiot! Cows have multiple stomachs to allow them to be herbivores, elephants eat between 300 and 600 pounds of food per day. Some people can and do thrive on a vegetarian diet. But it is not for everyone. And it is not sustainable, which I'll get more into later. I guess that was my rant for the day.

On Monday before work I made some food for the week. I turned a pound of beef with organs into four burgers by adding an egg and worcestirshire, and throwing them in the over on 400. When I got home from work on Monday I had one since I was starving, and I had two more for lunch the next day with hot peppers. Since I was too lazy last night to make an extensive dinner, I topped the last burger with cheese and put it on half of an Ezekiel sprouted grain bun with onions and organic ketchup. I served it with this side dish:

God cheese is good.

And some sliced tomatoes, clearly.

In other news, please read this article about our food rights, civil rights and my farmer, Dan Allgyer. It is also about Ron Paul's bill, HR 1830, which you can read about here. This isn't just about raw milk, it's about being able to choose what we feed ourselves and our families. Please, please, please sign this petition.

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