Thursday, July 21, 2011

Renee's tomato soup

Last night I got to nosh out on some delicious tomato soup courtesy of Renee. Seriously so good. I had it with a grilled cheese that I made using organic soaked spelt bread, raw cheese, tomato and lettuce.

Renee couldn't remember the recipe exactly, but it was a mix of tomatoes from her CSA box, basil, onions, chicken stock (homemade!) and half and half.

Really awesome with a grilled cheese. I am sad I do not have more. I'm definitely craving it. Maybe I'll try to make my own tomato soup this weekend.

I also got to spend some time with this cutie face:

Blurry picture. I couldn't get him to stay still. He is getting so big! I can barely walk him, he is so strong. He is going to be a giant. But he'll still be my baby! And then later last night I was introduced to The Benson Interruption. Super funny.

Anyway, I'm so thankful it's Thursday and that we only have one more workday before Buckfest! Buckfest is Mike's dad's birthday/a crab feast/awesome. Their family gets together, a ton of our friends come and there is a slip and slide! Not to mention all of the awesome food (including really amazing Filipino food courtesy of Mike's stepmom). We all look forward to it every year, and there will be a band this year. I am so stoked. Have a happy Thursday!

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