Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Last night Renee and I went to Franklins. It was a long, hot day. It took me an hour to go five stops on the metro. AN HOUR. That's okay though, at least it was pretty out. So after work we decided to just grab dinner. Started out with some of these:

And even though I was seriously craving pizza, I went with the tuna salad, which is really just as good and way better for me.

Not as rare as I had hoped. After dinner we noticed that the lady next to us had left her takeout box full of the exact pizza I wanted. I figured, it's not like her mouth came in contact with it, it's pizza! So I took it. Yeah, I have no shame. Of course, a guy at another table noticed me do this and laughed hysterically. Whateva, free pizza is free pizza and now there's less waste! They would've just thrown it out, I'm doing the earth a service.

We went back to the Mike, Nick and Dale's house and hung out for a bit. I ended up watching a Frontline documentary about the Norfolk Four called The Confessions. It was really good, and I'd definitely suggest watching it. Essentially, four men were forced through mental torture to confess to crimes they did not commit. Despite the fact that the evidence did not match up, there was an overall lack of evidence, and the man who committed the crime actually admitted to it, admitted he acted alone and his DNA matched the scene of the crime (the other's DNA did not) the men still did jail time, around ten years each. I think it's a testament to our corrupt and flawed judicial system. It's absolutely terrible and something really needs to be done about it. I guess that is today's rant.

Breakfast of champions:

+ two glasses of raw milk. NO shame! It was delicious.

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