Friday, March 18, 2011

Veggie Quiche!

So! The other (meatball) night I had a bunch of leftover broccoli and asparagus. I really hate to waste food so I brainstormed which ways I could transform them. A quiche! I really like quiche. And because I'm not into eating grains, I made a crustless quiche (a good low-carb recipe if you're trying to lose some fat). I threw the leftovers into the vitamix with 5 eggs, a cup of spinach and a boat load of pepper jack, though I would've preferred cheddar. This took all of about 2 minutes. On the side, I sauteed some mushrooms in butter, and spread them on the bottom of the baking dish. This made my total time to assemble about 4 minutes. Popped it in the oven on 350 for about 12 minutes. I've had breakfast ready everyday this week (since Tuesday), and had my last piece this morning.

Topped with even more cheese. Not sure why some of my pictures are loading upside down. You get the drift though. I really wish I had cherry tomatoes to add to this.

Using leftovers seriously stretches the money you're spending on food. I usually always make a big dinner so I can have leftovers the next day at lunch. So yes, I do spend more on the food I buy. But I also save more because I don't eat out. It drives me nuts when people say they can't afford to eat organic...yet the buy all of their meals. It's completely an excuse. And for a lot of us, if we cut down on our booze consumption we can save a lot of money.

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