Thursday, March 10, 2011

Salmon with Green Beans and Taters plus Religion

Today I'm supposed to discuss my views on religion. I always say that it's not polite to discuss religion or politics, mostly because people end up screaming at each other (sometimes...myself included). So I'll try to just keep this short and sweet. I went to Catholic school for twelve years. The way I was taught and treated grades k-8 definitely left something to be desired. The school made religion something to be feared for me. While a lot of people think of religion as their home, or consider some sort of comforting embrace, I have the exact opposite feelings. I always believed in God, but not the same God Catholics believe in. A loving, all forgiving God. Now I'm not really sure what I believe in. It's hard for me to get past my logic these days. While I think religion can be a great thing, I also think it can be one of the worst things ever created. Anything that can make people fight and kill, can make people turn against each other because of their sexual preference, is not something good in my eyes. And I wonder how many people have actually read the bible. I have. It's not some loving, happy book. It at times is violent, and brutal. I do want to believe in something, but I absolutely do not agree with organized religion.

  • parsley
  • lemon juice
  • butter
Green Beans:

  • butter (though preferably lard)
  • onions sauteed in butter or lard

  • boiled in chicken broth, just covering the potatoes, until it simmers out

Of course I put some rooster sauce on the side, which turned out to be unnecessary.

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