Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 facts and Chicken Parmesan...ish

From the meatball dinner the other night I used the leftover for breakfast AND lunch. I used the leftover meat and sauce to make a pasta (I used rice pasta). From the leftover broccoli and asparagus I made a quiche! Which will last me till Friday. So from one meal I got several. I'll post the quiche recipe later this week.

For dinner last night I made chicken parmesan...except for not really. But the same idea. I made my own bread crumbs and since the only cheese we have is raw pepper jack, I used that. I started out by making my own sauce:
-1 can diced tomatoes
-several cloves garlic
-half a large green pepper
-whole onion
-several small sweet yellow/red peppers
I sauteed the onions and sweet peppers till translucent. In the vitamix I blended the tomatoes, garlic and green pepper. I added this to the pan and let it reduce.
For the bread crumbs I just toasted 1.5 pieces of sprouted wheat (if you're going to consume grains, they should be sprouted or soaked to make them more digestible) and crumbled it up in the vitamix. I whisked one egg in another bowl. Look how big the eggs are we get!

I dipped the chicken into the egg, into the bread crumbs (this step turned out to be unnecessary) and fried them in butter until each side was crispy. I put the sauce in a baking dish, then the chicken over the sauce, and then covered the chicken with cheese.

After we stole two pieces from the dish already.
Sorry for the shoddy picture:
Served with my beloved buttery lima beans. I'm also having the leftovers for lunch today, with a salad.

A little while after dinner I was feeling kind of snacky and wanted something sort of sweet. So I made a green monster. It hit the spot.

You tell 'em, Peter.

Today's Challenge, 30 Facts:

  • My middle name is Jade

  • I was a swimmer for a large portion of life

  • I went to private Catholic schools from k-12 (AWESOME)

  • My mom was adopted, and is Russian

  • I was more or less raised by my Grandmother, who is AMAZING

  • Can't step to this!
    • I haven't had any sort of relationship with my mom in a really long, years and years
    • My dad is the strongest person I've ever met
    • I really love DC sports, including the Redskins, even when they're losing.
    • I think Dan Snyder is a bad person
    • I don't believe in prescription drugs. Pain killers for surgery or something like that I can understand. But meds for anti depressants/cholesterol/blood pressure/ADD/etc have more side effects than they're worth, they are a way for pharmaceutical companies to make money, and most of these conditions can be corrected with food. I don't even take advil
    • I really consider my friends as my family, and I love all those suckers 
    • When I was in 8th grade my mom made me go to the gym every single day for hours and hours, I think this is partially why I have trouble motivating myself to work out
    • I have three brothers, or 2.5, one is half from my dad's first marriage and we aren't close
    • I'm not close with my brothers, and won't be until they get their shit together and stop being such douchers
    • I love to dance! Even though I'm white and bad at it
    • I love visiting new places and am really stoked to spend time in Hatteras again this summer
    • I love to ski
    • I've wanted to get a half sleeve dedicated to my grandma for a while now, but was worried if I'd be judged, now I think that being judged is even more of a reason to do it, as it will help weed out superficial bammas
    • I'm fortunate enough to have several best friends
    • I'm still friends with friends from high school, and I wish I got to see them more
    • True Romance is one of my all-time favorite movies
    • I love to be outside. I'd live outside if I could. And if it were warm enough.
    • In fact, I'd be perfectly content living in a shack on the beach
    • I've lived on my own since I was 17.
    • I wish I had the ability to be way more self-sufficient, and grow all of my own produce
    • One of my best friends, Kait and I are moving into an old house, and my room has large windows and a door that opens up to the roof of the room below. I'm going to grow a garden out there, and drink wine with Kait while we look at the view of DC.
    • I'm really trying to be a better, nice, more forgiving and patient person
    • I have the cutest puppy in the entire world and I love him SO much
    • I think running sucks and is kind of bad for you, I'd rather swim in the ocean everyday as my #1 form of exercise
    • I love you!
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