Monday, December 5, 2011


First, this guy is finally home!

On Friday, this was how I ended my fast:

A giant bowl of veggie juice and eggs with smoked salmon...and also some avocado oil chips that I impulse bought.  I also wanted to make Scott some sort of vegan treat for when he got home, so I decided to make some gluten-free oatmeal cookies. Except, I forgot that I suck at baking. Exhibit A:

But! This was actually pretty tasty, and soft, so I added the above back into my food processor with 1.5 additional oats, about another tablespoon of flax seed, more banana and raw honey.

They turned out pretty well, I thought so at least. They were super moist.

I can't give you a recipe, but here is what I used: gluten-free oats, maple syrup, raw honey, flax, banana, chocolate chips, coconut oil.

Scott dubbed them "sweet balls."

More scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for breakfast.

Saturday night I hung out with my bro Mike, who made me a "cheesy steak." Which is just a steak topped with raw cheese.

On Sunday I hung out with my grandma! She's so tight. We hung out, Christmas shopped and went to this Greek place in Rockville called Ambrosia. I loved it, it was diner-y, family run, super Greek (everyone spoke it). The 13-year-old in me had a serious crush on the blond busboy speaking Greek. They even had the Redskins game on. The food was amazing. Simple food is the best. I got a Greek salad with lamb, super simple and so delicious. I need a lamb connect. My grandma got dolmades, stuffer grape leaves, her favorite:

The leaves are stuffed with ground beef and rice, topped with a creamy lemon sauce. On the side (she LOVED this side dish) was rice and spinach in a tomato sauce. We'll definitely be going back.

Then finally Scott came home! I'm so glad he's home. We went to Founding Farmers, I got the chicken.

It was a lot of chicken for $16, I took some home and just had it for lunch. It completely filled me up. On the side I had cabbage and kale. Two super nutrient dense veggies. Now I'm back at work, super busy.

In other news, I think I'm going to switch schools. Not because my current one is bad by any means, but I'm not getting things finished quickly enough. I need an online course, I can finish it sooner and it is so much more conducive to my schedule. I'm really excited.

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