Friday, December 2, 2011

my new addiction: salmon scramble

Scott and I recently got brunch at Open City in Woodley Park. I liked them automatically because they have a gluten-free menu. Although, it's kind of a bitch to get a table at brunch. We went early the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we managed. I got the smoked salmon scramble with hash. Basically, all I ever want in a brunch is eggs/salmon. Note: I didn't get the fruit as a side because it's high carb, high sugar and fruit should be eaten alone because it digests differently than all other foods. Anyway, my scramble was delicious. Tomatoes, chives, cream cheese, salmon and eggs, plus I added butter.

I die. Didn't even come close to finishing the potatoes. So I've basically been eating this all the time now. Breakfast? Yes. Dinner, yup. It's what I want to eat when I break my fast. That and steak, but I'm currently out of steaks.

I add dill. Sometimes I add cream cheese. If I had sour cream from the farm I'd add that. So, so good. A lot of fat and protein to keep me full until lunch.

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