Thursday, December 29, 2011

another grain free dinna

Dinner last night:

Veggies cooked in coconut oil and GF soy sauce. As well as fish cooked in coconut oil. Plus avocado and hot sauce.

Scott ate his with quinoa and black beans. I did not take a picture.

The day after Christmas, Scott and I went to Cafe Green for brunch.

Green juice: kale, cucumber, ginger, lemon, celery.

Mac and cheese and kale with quinoa pasta. Fake cheese, but it was soy free. How? I have no idea. I tried to eat the kale because kale is retarded good for you. I had trouble after Scott said it tasted like lizard foreskin.

I got raw pizza.

And we split these gluten-free nachos. They were still corn chips, which are absolutely not ideal. But I only had a few.

Some of our gifts to each other. DC sports jerseys. Why do I look like an Asian with blonde hair?

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