Wednesday, December 21, 2011

update on life

I've been kind of turned off on blogging lately. For one reason or another it hasn't been as fulfilling. And in my day-to-day life people who have come to me about nutrition have just sort of taken my energy. Unless I'm directly asked, or someone else brings it up, I try not to talk about nutrition. Except if you're Scott, who I constantly nag. I'm an awesome girlfriend like that. But, I find that food is really almost a political topic. To me it absolutely is, but I mean in the sense that people love to argue with me about it. Where this once excited me, it now just drains me. How many times can I tell people fat is good them them, while they just ignore me? It's draining to tell people meat is good for you, soy is bad, grains are bad, etc when the opposite has been drilled into their brains. Then people bring up flawed, crappy research they've heard, "But fat gives you heart disease." And then I have to refute that also. It's tiring. I think eating primal is common sense. Pure and simple common sense. This is what our ancestors ate. This is what allowed us to evolve. This is what kept us free of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a myriad of other modern diseases. And people turn this completely around, and say this diet is what causes our current ailments? It's stupid. But, determined not to give up, burn out or quit, I'm back at it. So here's some stuff I've eaten:

Grain-free cobb salad. Organic. Mostly, at least.

Organic chicken on top of veggies sauteed in coconut oil and a curry sauce. Scott had his with tempeh.

All mixed up.

And a side of artichoke with butter.

Eggs with bacon and chives.

Eggs with salmon and chives.

I always have eggs for breakfast. Filling, and the fat make me not stupid.

Simple dinner. Leftover frozen turkey with mushrooms sauteed in  butter.

Dunno if I've shown this already, but crab bisque at the Argonaut on H St. Seriously amazing.

Salad at work. Carrots cooked in butter.

Greek caviar dip.

With a bomb Greek salad in Dupont. I LOVE Greek salads. I've been trying to find a Greek lamb connect. No such luck.

AND, I don't emphasize enough primal living overall. It's equally important and healthy in life to have fun.

DA FURY. If you don't understand this Caps reference, stop reading my blog.

Scott and I decorated my tree.

My boys, asleep. Love.

Scott, singing, dancing, brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. Typical.


Reppin' the Skin on my work stocking.

So in short, if you want to be healthy, be happy, look good, feel good and stop supporting the wheat/canola/corn/soy industries that destroy our earth, go primal.

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