Friday, October 21, 2011


Last night:


Get stoked.

-1.5 cups chicken stock
-half a carrot
-little bit of diced onion
-a shit ton of butter
-1 quart of cream
-celery seed
-pecorino romano
-two cans of crab
-a shit ton of Old Bay

Saute onion and carrot in butter. Add stock. At the end, add crab and cream. I didn't let t his cook for a long time like a lot of soups call for. What's the point? It was unnecessary with this soup.

Holy God.

I'm not sure there's anything better than a shit ton of butter and Old Bay.

For lunch today:

I have a little bit left at home which I will be stoked to eat before going to dinner tonight at Green Papaya with Scott. Then it's a dance party at the Velvet Lounge!! Halloween/Birthday party tomorrow and Shannon and Wes' wedding on Sunday! For this I took off work on Monday. Such a good weekend ahead of me!

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