Monday, October 3, 2011

weekend recap

I started off the weekend by hitting up McGinty's with Jennifer. I ordered a Magners. I like Magners because it's naturally gluten-free and has no added sugars. We split the mussels

and the cabbage rolls.

They were stuffed with mashed potatoes and corned beef.

I ended the night by dancing my face off and taking rounding up my drunken friends and getting them home. I woke up Saturday and hit the dtown SS farmers market! My favorite. I've decided I'm going to go to a farmers market every Saturday like I used to. I scored some of my favorite tomatoes, broccoli, basil and peppers. Then I went to Trader Joe's, and only spent $46. For the things I couldn't get from Trader J's, I went to the Yes! by my house, where I impulse-bought from gluten-free mac and cheese. I cooked it (in the oven, no microwaves!!) and added some broccoli and smoked gouda. I served it with three scallops cooked in coconut oil for protein and fat, and tomatoes topped with basil and olive oil.

Ummm, awesome.

Later in the day I met up with Scott and went to a Halloween store, where I found this awesome baby. I texted it so some friends.

And this is my boyfriend, Barack.

I got the Scout Mob app on my phone which is pretty amazing. It gives you free deals, or 50% off deals at local restaurants. The only drawback is that on most of the 50% off deals, the max discount is $15-$20, which still isn't bad. Anyway, one of the deals was for this Japanese place, Umi in Woodley Park. I started off with raw tuna and avocado in a spicy sauce. Which may be my favorite combination of food.

Scott got snap peas, I really liked them.

And then I got a mushroom and cream cheese roll with a soft shell crab roll. Both were really good.

And we got the banana spring roll dessert, which sucked. But that was the only thing that sucked.

Sunday morning we went to Cafe Green. We started out with the chips and dip. I was under the impression they were kale chips and guac.

These were crackers. And the guac just tasted like a little bit of avocado and a lot of lemon. But there were pretty flowers on the table!

I wanted the raw banana pancakes, but they were out. So I got the gluten-free buckwheat banana pancakes.

I didn't eat very much of it. It was very, very dense. For a while after eating it, my stomach felt like I had just participated in some sort of hot dog eating contest. I was SO uncomfortable and wanted to puke. I think it would have been okay had I eaten some fat with this, to aid in digestion. I mean, I had pizza the night before. But it was covered in cheese. When we got back I ate coconut oil and it really did help. We headed to Tonic to watch the Lions and Skins games, and even though I wasn't hungry, I ordered some eggs because I knew I needed the protein and fat.

Definitely felt better. And both the Lions and Redskins won!! Scott and I went back to my house where I made him vegan, semi-raw, soy-free potato salad. That I forgot to photograph but will try to do something with eventually. And I had tomatoes, basil, olive oil and smoked gouda. So good.

So I'm back on the low-carb train this week. I didn't eat TOO terribly over the weekend, especially considering I just try to stick to the 80/20 rule. Eat well 80% of the time. I got a lot of good groceries so I'm actually pretty stoked to share some recipes this week.

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