Thursday, January 20, 2011

Healthified Pizza!

I freakin’ love pizza. I think everyone does. Unfortunately, all the bleached flour, yeast, cheap sauce and cheese are not exactly the best meal you could choose. And, pizza usually hurts my stomach. Last night I discovered the solution. Actually I’m pretty positive people have been doing this for ages, but whatever.
Dani’s Pizza
-1 half Ezekiel Sprouted Grain English muffin
-Some pizza sauce
-Some raw cheese
-Toppins of your choice (I used mushrooms)
Assemble and put under the broiler until it suits your liking. On my first attempt I completely forgot about this. And it looked like this:
No lie, it still tasted good. Just like some overcooked pizza. It’s not as bad as it looks.
Several hours later, I wanted another one. I didn’t forget this time. It honestly tastes exactly like pizza. But not disgusting for you.
That's better.

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