Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creamy Chicken with Zucchini Lasagna

At work I sometimes get guff about the way I eat. Because I eat healthy, sometimes it’s assumed that I’ll only eat salads. I really like my coworkers and I’m so thankful for that, but I wish I could tell them about all of the things I eat without sounding preachy. I don’t like to elaborate specifically on the way I eat, because I know I would come off as not well intentioned. Judgmental maybe. Tonight’s dinner was a prime example that I do not exist on salads. Though I’m totally down with salads. In lieu of a grain based lasagna (grains don’t treat my digestive system well) I made a zucchini lasagna. It was quick and spur of the moment, and therefore sort of messy. Pretty much assemble this the way you would assemble a regular lasagna.
-1 zucchini
-some organic pasta sauce
-ball of mozzarella
-some parmesan
I preheated the over to 400 degrees. Using a regular vegetable slicer, I sliced out some zucchini noodles. I cut up the ball of moz. It all looked like this halfway through:

I finished the layers, and for the top added sauce, a little of mozzarella and parmesan. I popped it in the over just until the cheese was melted, the zucchini was still firm.

Creamy Onion Chicken:
-2 T butter
-1/2 cup cream
-as much garlic as you like
-1 onion
-4 organic chicken thighs/breasts
Sautee the butter in the pan until melted. Add chicken and cook on both sides. After flipping the chicken onto its other side, add the onion. Let this sautee for a couple of minutes, until the chicken is almost done. At this point add the cream and let simmer until it thickens.

The chicken was amazing, and I’m not even a big fan of chicken. Also, I realize these are not the best photos but my digital camera is a piece of crap. Hopefully I can remedy that soon.

And just so you know, I know most people have been conditioned to be terrified of butter, but it’s good for you! Butter is actually high in vitamin A, which protects your heart.

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