Tuesday, February 28, 2012

you totally have time

Last night was the last time Mike and I will ever pick up our farm food from Dan. I will devote an entire post to this, but in short, he lost his case against the FDA and was forced to shut down his farm. Despite absolutely no history of contamination. Ever. Mike gave me one of the filet mignon steaks from the ten pounds he ordered. I cooked it barely at all, and had some butter with it. Still cold in the center. BOMB.

This morning I woke up at 6:45 and was in the kitchen at 6:50. I spent ten minutes boiling water for tea, then put eggs in water to boil, then seared these chickens in butter and coconut oil, before throwing them in the oven on 400.  By 7:03 I was upstairs again getting ready for work.

At 7:20 I was finished getting ready, and prepped the rest of my food. I had some cauli sauteed in butter leftover from my steak dinner last night. And some grape tomatoes that I added an avocado and gouda cheese to. Gouda cheese is vitamin K, baby! So, the point is, this was very little effort. I had breakfast, lunch for today and lunch for tomorrow all done before heading out the door at 7:40. It ain't that hard. Just a little extra effort with a lot of payoff.

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