Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Primal Thanksgiving

I've seen a lot of bloggers prepare their entire Thanksgiving menus just so they can photograph the food and put it on their blog. Yeah...I'm not doing that. Food is expensive. I'm not going to prepare an entire feast just to provide pictures. Instead, I'll just find pictures on the internet. I'll show pictures after Thanksgiving. So, here is my menu:
Picture of Perfect Roast Turkey Recipe

For the turkey, I'm not doing anything special. I'll rub herbs and butter under the skin. I'll cover it so it doesn't dry out. For the picture and recipe, click here.

I like to make mashed cauliflower. It's really good and doesn't spike your blood sugar. But, since it's Thanksgiving and I like the texture that potato provides, I'm going to use a bit of both. I just steam two heads of cauli and about five potatoes. Add a ton of butter, garlic if you like and cream.

Green beans are super simple. I actually prefer canned. My grandma always made canned, so I do too. I saute two onions in a lot of butter and add the green beans. I might even add bacon.

For the spinach I'm going to buy A LOT of spinach. It wilts down to almost nothing. But, is also super simple to make. Saute garlic and mushrooms in more butter than you think you need. Add spinach. When it is wilted down, add cream. I'm using raw and grass-fed cream. I'd add cheese, but I'm off cheese right now. You could add as much cheese as you like.

Grain-free stuffing. Yikes. I've never made this. And I love stuffing. But I just can't have all of those grains. I haven't decided yet if I'll add some gluten-free bread. We'll see. But here is my recipe:
-2 onions
-2 ribs celery
-2 carrots
-rosemary, garlic, thyme, sage
-1 cup chicken stock (from the farm)
-maybe some sort of sausage, cut up
-maybe some gluten-free bread, if the ingredients do not suck

Saute veggies in butter, add sausage or bread, bake in oven at 400.

Deviled eggs are simple. To the yolks I just add mayo (I have some safflower oil mayo, not ideal, but at least there's no soy or canola oil) and a little mustard. I might even add bacon.

For the desserts, you can check out Elana's blog. I am horrible at baking, so hopefully I can pull it together and not ruin the dessert aspect of Thanksgiving. As for everything else, I'm super excited to cook and host Thanksgiving at my house this year. I'll be celebrating the first half of the day with Scott's family so I'm not sure how I'm gonna make this work. I suppose I'll cook everything the night before. I'm so stoked for the holidays!

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